Death Grips Announce A Mysterious New Album, ‘Year Of The Snitch’

Getty Image

The day that William Shatner has surely been waiting for could be coming soon: Death Grips are getting ready to release a new album, called Year Of The Snitch. The band shared the news in an update on their website, which reads simply:

“Death Grips

Year of the Snitch

new album coming soon…”

That and a tweet that says “Someone Snitched” are the only new pieces of information the band has revealed about their upcoming project today. There seems to be no indication anywhere of when this album might be coming out, what the tracklist looks like, what bizarre visual style they’ll chose for the cover art, or any identifiers like that.

Beyond that, though, they have given a peek behind the curtain into what are presumably sessions for Year Of The Snitch: They shared a photo last week of Andrew Adamson (best known for directing Shrek) in which he appears to be reading from some sort of script, and captioned it, “Working on the new album with Andrew Adamson.” A few days after that, they posted another photo, this time of Tool bassist Justin Chancellor in the studio, and wrote, “Working on the new album with Justin Chancellor.” Back in September 2017, they also revealed that they were collaborating with noted gory glass biter Lucas Abela.

Given Death Grips’ unpredictable nature, Year Of The Snitch could drop any second now, so keep an eye out for it.