Denzel Curry And Kenny Beats Go Through Several Animation Styles In Their Clever ‘Unlocked’ Short Film

Earlier today, it seemed that Denzel Curry and Kenny Beats were embroiled in a feud, with Curry tweeting at Beats, “YOU A F*CK N**** BRUH!!! ON LOTTO WHEN I SEE YOU IMA BEAT YO ASS!!!” After that, Curry hopped on Beats’ Instagram Live broadcast and started a fight with a confused Beats, with Curry saying before disconnecting that he was going to smack Beats. It turns out there’s not actually any bad blood between the two. Instead, they were just drawing attention to themselves in order to promote their just-released animated short film, “Unlocked.”

The video, which features plenty of new music, runs for 23 minutes, about the length of a half-hour TV show. The video starts where the Instagram Live video left off: Curry stops by Beats’ studio, upset about a joint album of theirs that prematurely found its way online. Beats’ solution to the problem is for them to put on sci-fi-style helmets that transports them inside of Beats’ computer so they can try to recover the files. From there, the video chronicles their journey in a variety of animation styles. Overall, it’s a funny and entertaining 23 minutes that’s a clever way to present new music.

Watch the “Unlocked” animated video above.