Did Kanye West And Ty Dolla Sign’s ‘Vultures’ Album Get Delayed?

There’s been a flurry of activity surrounding Kanye West and Ty Dolla Sign in recent days, as the pair are gearing up to release Vultures, a new collaborative album. As of now, the project is set to be released this week, on December 15. However, some believe the project might get delayed.

Did Kanye West And Ty Dolla Sign’s ‘Vultures’ Album Get Delayed?

Some have noticed that Vultures used to have a page on Apple Music (previously viewable here), but now, it no longer does; The page currently comes up in Google search results, but leads to an error page when you click on the link. Some have interpreted this to mean that the album will be not released on schedule and pushed back.

That said, neither West nor Ty have publicly said anything about delaying the album. Furthermore, West fans know that he often makes last-minute changes to his albums (even continuing to tweak after the project has been released already), so the missing Apple Music listing could perhaps be a symptom of something related to that.

Whatever the case may be, West and Ty are planning a listening event for the album in Las Vegas tonight (December 14), and here’s how to watch that.

Update: The album was not released at midnight on December 15, as was expected. One potential reason: At 10:23 p.m. ET on December 14, West tweeted a screenshot of a text he supposedly sent to Nicki Minaj, which said, “Hi it’s ye. May I call you about clearing new body on the new album.”

During an Instagram Live broadcast that night, Minaj responded, saying, “Child, that train has left the station, OK? No disrespect in any way. I just put out a brand new album. Now why would I put out a song that has been out for three years? Come on, guys. You know?”

Update: Over the weekend after the album missed its December 15 release, it was reportedly given a new expected release date of December 31.