Nicki Minaj Fans Push Dionne Warwick To Admit She’s A Barb

Dionne Warwick may be an acclaimed musician and one of the most-charting singers of all time, but she’s now gained quite the following on Twitter as she tries to decode trends of the younger generation (like how to pronounce Billie Eilish’s name). Now, she’s begun interacting with one of music’s (in)famous fandoms: Nicki Minaj’s barbz.

After appeasing Taylor Swift fans earlier this month by giving the singer a heartwarming hello, Warwick is now getting on the barbz’s good side. One fan tweeted the singer to ask, “queen are you a barb?” Warwick wasn’t privy to the term’s meaning at first, but fans flooded the replies with explanations (and casual threats) until Warwick admitted that she is a fan. “Nicki Minaj has a wonderful career. Yes,” she said.

Ahead of says she’s a fan of Minaj, Warwick was singing praises for Teyana Taylor. Talking about the possibility of turning her life’s work into a Netflix series, Warwick said there’s only one person who could ever portray her onscreen. “Please don’t ask who I would cast to play me as it would obviously be Teyana Taylor,” she said. Netflix responded that they’re “taking notes,” and Taylor was overjoyed at the shout out.

Check out Warwick’s tweets above.