DJ Snake Remixed A Cardi B Video About The Coronavirus Into An EDM Banger

The coronavirus is making it more difficult and less safe for everybody to leave their homes, so people are doing their best to keep themselves busy as they live their new social distancing lifestyles. Lizzo is leading guided meditations, Charli XCX is writing a quarantine diary, and DJ Snake has passed some of the time by turning a Cardi B Instagram video about the coronavirus into a new song.

Using a sample of Cardi’s video and a sample of a fork hitting a glass, DJ Snake created an EDM hook with a big drop. This isn’t the first joint effort (if you can call it that) between the two, as DJ Snake recruited Cardi, Ozuna, and Selena Gomez for the 2018 single “Taki Taki.”

In the original video, Cardi says, “Government, let me tell y’all motherf*ckers something: I don’t know what the f*ck this coronavirus is about. I don’t understand how that sh*t was from Wuhan, China. […] I ain’t gonna front: a b*tch is scared. I’m a little scared. Sh*t got me panicking. A lot of you motherf*ckers think it’s a joke, like I was thinking, right? […] Just because you think you’re immune to it, guess what? Your pocket ain’t, b*tch. A lot of sh*t comes from motherf*cking China, b*tch. So if you’re wondering why your motherf*cking weave or your Fashion Nova motherf*cking packages haven’t arrived, guess what, b*tch? Coronavirus! Coronavirus! I’m telling you, sh*t is real. Sh*t is getting real.”

Check out DJ Snake’s remix above.

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