Amid A Legal Battle, DMX’s Family Releases An Official Statement Regarding His Estate

It’s hard to believe that it was just this past April when Earl “DMX” Simmons died. Six months into a world without the hardcore rap legend has already been graced with numerous nods to his legacy. There was a moving tribute at the BET Awards from Swizz Beats, Method Man, Michael K. Williams, Busta Rhymes and others, a touching Father’s Day message from his fiancée Desire Lindstrom, a Yo-Yo Ma tribute track, and of course, the posthumous album Exodus, with features from Nas, Jay-Z, Alicia Keys, Snoop Dogg and so many others.

Now as the dust is settling on a legal battle, his family issued an official statement in regards to their handling of his estate. In the statement, DMX’s ex-wife and oldest sons are named as temporary administrators of his estate. And one can assume that this was pre-empted by the legal battle between his family and, Lindstrom — who was not officially wed to the rapper before his death. There have also been claims of people coming forward claiming to be children of the late rapper, the most recent of which would bring the number of children he fathered to 15. Suffice it to say, who gets to manage an estate that includes five platinum albums among the eight LPs, seven compilations albums, three mixtapes, and publishing rights to this and more, is a notable assignment. Read the full statement released today below.

“(New York, NY October 25th, 2021) – “DMX’s ex wife, Tashera Simmons oldest sons , “Xavier Simmons, Sean Simmons and Tacoma Simmons have been appointed temporary co-administrators of the estate of Earl “DMX” Simmons pursuant to a decision of the Westchester county Surrogate’s Court today. They will now exclusively manage the affairs of their late father’s estate. The estate has retained entertainment attorney Ron Sweeney of Ron Sweeney and Company to exclusively handle all entertainment related matters. Estate Attorney, Herb Nass is the attorney for the Earl “DMX” Simmons estate and the sons as co-administrators.”