Does Spotify Wrapped Include Your December Listening History?

Every year, Spotify users look forward to seeing the songs that got them through, as Spotify Wrapped puts together their most streamed songs in the form of a fun, colorful, interactive story. Most Spotify users seem to know that Spotify collects your streaming data over the course of a specific time frame, and therefore, they try to impact the algorithm by getting in some last-minute streams.

Unfortunately, if the listener tries to stream specific projects past a certain date, their efforts may be in vain.

Does Spotify Wrapped include your December listening history?

While Spotify says each user’s Wrapped reflects their listening habits over the course of a year, they have confirmed to several news outlets, as well as their own social handles, that November and December are not included in the data collected for Wrapped.

“We’re afraid that listening to a bunch of stuff right now won’t make any difference to this year’s or next year’s Wrapped,” read a Tweet from Spotify’s official customer service account. “This is because Wrapped only covers the 1st of January until the 31st of October for any given year.”

So you can relax and not worry about people seeing the ungodly amount of times you listened to Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You.” But be sure to kick off the year wisely. The right song can make all the difference.