Drake Cryptically Posted Benny The Butcher Lyrics In An Instagram Caption

Drake‘s most recent interview — in the clip above — with Rap Radar is a dense two-hour plus long conversation with many developments, including one that is now pointing toward an upcoming collaboration with the New York-based collective Griselda — and its member Benny The Butcher.

In the aforementioned interview around the 21:00 minute mark, Drake begins to praise the genres he’s taken inspiration from over the years, eventually name-dropping Benny’s name as well — and responding to being asked if he’d do a song with him saying, “I’m down.” In addition, Drake praises the collective’s effort to be different.

After the interview, Benny reciprocated Drake’s energy by uploading the clip on his Instagram, writing, “Let’s Go …this would f*ck n****s up.” The moment seemingly passed — until Sunday night. Drake uploaded a photo of him boarding a plane, writing, “Rappers ya’ll comparing me to it be scaring me to it make they heart beat faster just hearing the truth” — lyrics to Benny’s song “Sunday School.” The actual lyrics say, “Rappers y’all compare me to, n****s scared of me too (N****s shook)/It make they heart beat faster just hearin’ the truth.”

It’s unclear if this moment will eventually pass as well, but if we’re going off of Drake’s past, it appears a collaboration at some point is likely. Drake released a new song, “War,” earlier this month.

Check out Drake’s most recent interview in the clip above.