Drake DMed Soulja Boy To Patch Things Up After Soulja’s ‘Draaake?’ Meme Went Viral

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Soulja Boy has been on a bit of a press tear lately, beginning with his meme-spawning viral interview with The Breakfast Club in January in which he accused the international star of appropriating his flow to blow up. Since then, Soulja Boy’s influence on hip-hop has received a critical re-evaluation while Soulja himself continued to expound on his various issues with his Canadian counterpart.

Word seems to have gotten back to Drake, but rather than going off on Soulja as he did to Meek Mill when a similar situation took place several years ago, cooler heads prevailed, with Drake reaching out to Soulja Boy to patch things up via direct message. Soulja Boy posted a screenshot of the DMs between him and Drake which actually took place earlier this month. Drake seems uncharacteristically humble in his response to the recent wave of coverage, saying: “You know it’s always been love all jokes aside.” He also addressed Soulja’s comments in a recent XXL where he wondered why they never made a video for “We Made It” in 2013, the last time the pair collaborated.

“I dunno know if you was serious about the video thing,” he wrote, “But I never knew you wanted to do a video for we made it. you know I would have done that sh*t.” He signed off by referencing the meme that started the whole kerfuffle, writing, “But on some real sh*t Draaaaaaaaaaaaaake?!?!”

Given that the screenshot shows they’ve stayed in semi-regular communication even after the initial interview, it doesn’t appear that there’s too much bad blood to begin with, but it looks like Drake is keeping his friends close these days.