Why Do People Hate Drake So Much?

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Full Disclosure: I went in to More Life expecting to hate it.

Call it a post-Views hangover, a general, hardened anti-Drake stance from years of “meh” releases or a lingering anger that he ruined a release from Future’s (first?) golden era. But Drake’s new project was so good that it made me a fan even starting from a negative position. So, imagine my surprise I emerged into the sunlight blinking and humming — it’s feature film length, after all — to find that a vast chunk of the critical and internet world pure straight hated it.

Now, there’s plenty to dislike on Life. Drake’s labeling of the project as a “playlist” is a bit of a dodge, a way to avoid the critical harshness and need for cohesion that comes with the word “album.” Like all Drake projects, it’s too long. There’s some definite filler in its 22 tracks. “No Long Talk” is so bad that I almost stopped listening.

But the hate that was spewing out from other corners of the music internet seemed too bitter and mean to come from minor squabbles about length or technicalities of classification. This Drake hate was more deep-seated than that. And certainly couldn’t be coming from a song as joyous as “Madiba Rhythm” which excised the shortcomings of Drake’s biggest hit to make a purely undeniable record. This anger and darkness wasn’t coming from Drake for once, but from somewhere inside the reviewers.

So, it leaves us with the question. What’s with all the Drake hate? And where, exactly is it coming from?

I have a few theories…

It’s Hard To Like Drake, The Man

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A good bit of Drake hate stems from the fact that there is a lot to dislike about Drake as a person.