Drake Got Into A Shooting Contest With Steph Curry At His Custom Home Basketball Court

Although his Golden State Warriors didn’t make it to the NBA Bubble Playoffs in Orlando, it looks like all-star guard Steph Curry is staying in shape with the help of a famous workout partner. A video has surfaced online of the all-NBA player having a shoot-around with rap all-star Drake on the latter’s custom home court.

It’s widely known that Drake absolutely loves hoops and hanging out with NBA players — even causing him to self-quarantine after spending time with Kevin Durant, who also appears in his “Laugh Now Cry Later” video for a hilarious game of one-on-one — so it’s not surprising that he’d have the Bay Area hooper over. However, there does seem to be a competitive edge to the footage, which makes one wonder just how nice Drake thinks he is. You can’t just go around getting in shooting contests with the best three-point shooter ever.

The video also confirms a suspicion among some fans that Drake’s previous game footage may have been edited to remove the misses because that wet ball from his pickup game with Quavo and Justin Bieber is nowhere to be found here. It’s understandable though; when he missed that warmup shot at the Kentucky game, fans wouldn’t let him hear the end of it. The real question here is: Did Drake let Steph hear the upcoming album that is supposedly “90 percent” finished and if so, when do the rest of us get to have something in common with the future Hall-of-Famer?

Watch Steph and Drake trade jumpers above.

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