DRAM Pours His Heart Out On ‘The Lay Down,’ An Old-School Ballad Featuring HER

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Big Baby DRAM (formerly known as D.R.A.M.) may be as adept at rapping as he is at singing, but the Hampton, Virginia-based performer is on a mission to bring back the soul on his new single “Lay It Down” featuring HER and Watt. Over a sinuous, old-school ballad, DRAM pours his heart out to a prospective lover, with HER playing the counterpoint, before guitarist Happy Perez absolutely shreds his way through an ecstatic bridge reminiscent of the Isley Brothers’ best.

DRAM announced the track yesterday via a tweet providing both the cover art and a statement explaining his motivation behind crafting a soulful ballad rather than the cheerful, upbeat fare he’s best known for. Knowing that fans have been hankering for a new project as it’s been two years since his debut album Big Baby DRAM and a year since his That’s A Girl’s Name EP, DRAM’s statement makes a case for the slower, more melodic approach of “Lay It Down.”

“No one sings anymore. Ain’t no true SANGERS out there! Nobody’s taking it to the stage. No one’s pouring their heart out, but that pattern stops here! Over the last 2 years, I’ve been working on my sophomore album while simultaneously going through the ups and downs of life in general. As a result of this, many of these experiences have been heavily reflected in my work moving forward. As I mature, so does my sound.”

While he hasn’t revealed a release date for that sophomore project yet, he did promise that a video for “Lay It Down” is “coming very soon” on Twitter after debuting the track with Zane Lowe.

DRAM is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music group.