Duckwrth Struts His Way To The Dance Floor With G.L.A.M. and Julia Romana On ‘Coming Closer’

As rising LA rapper Duckwrth inches closer to the release of his major label debut studio album, he flexes some experimental muscle on his latest single, “Coming Closer,” which features fellow LA rapper G.L.A.M. and indie singer Julia Romana. With G.L.A.M. producing alongside twin producers Two Fresh, Duckwrth and his co-stars glide over an electronic, dance-pop beat that glitters and sparkles behind his low-key boasts. Romana’s smooth hook anchors a glitchy chorus, while G.L.A.M. provides a chin-jutting counterpoint to Duckwrth’s swagger, matching him with her own deft rhymes tip-toeing over the instrumental.

In the year since his return from musical hiatus Duckwrth has been featured on the soundtrack to Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse, released his The Falling Man EP, and released a string of singles that have slowly raised his profile from LA underground art-house rapper to potential star in-the-making. In May this year, he shared the single “Find A Way” after being featured on St. Vincent’s Shower Sessions podcast and popping up as the voice of a performer in League Of Legendsin-game rap group.

With his debut SuperGood releasing in August, now is the time to get familiar with the artist who will soon be offering backing tunes to all your favorite shows and movies and packing out concerts when it’s once again safe to do so.

Listen to Duckwrth’s ‘Coming Closer’ with G.L.A.M and Julia Romana above.