Duckwrth Attempts To Live Up To Lofty Promises In His Surreal ‘Quick’ Video

Duckwrth released his major-label debut SuperGood in August. Following up the 16-track effort, the singer offers a cinematic visual alongside his Kian collaboration “Quick.”

Directed by Grizz Lee, Duckwrth’s “Quick” video opens with the musician pampering his lover with expensive clothes and jewelry. The two then whip around on the road in his vintage car as Duckwrth continues to make promises of buying her nice houses and vehicles. Suddenly, the car swerves off course and the couple flips over the side of the road. Duckwrth manages to get out unharmed, but something within him shifts. He’s inexplicably drawn to a far-away barn and arrives only to discover a puzzling sight.

Just ahead of his SuperGood release, Duckwrth sat down for an interview with Uproxx to chat about his sound on the record, saying, “I think that for me, it was proving to myself who I am and what sound I like the most for myself, what space I want to be in, and it’s something about soul and more specifically rhythm. Rhythm is my sh*t. When I perform, I don’t stop moving. Unless it’s just one of those moments I have to sit still, but further than that rhythm is my sh*t. So I think SuperGood solidified it for me. Like, ‘N****, this is you, so kick it here for a bit,’ but I’m still going to play with different genres.”

Watch Duckwrth’s “Quick” video with Kian above.

SuperGood is out now via Republic. Get it here.