Duran Duran Bassist John Taylor’s Oral Sex Technique May Or May Not Be Similar To That Of An Anteater

Duran Duran bassist John Taylor, who a junior high crush of mine had posters of all over her bedroom wall, has written a porn-y sounding memoir titled In the Pleasure Groove. In the course of doing publicity for the book, he gave an interview to MTV and the interviewer wasn’t shy about bringing up a rumor about Taylor’s oral sexing skills, probably because the book sounds so porn-y. Also, how could they not bring it up?!

There’s this thing on the Internet called, where groupies review the sexual performance of rock stars.

Oh, they did that before the Internet.

They did?

Well, there was the Plaster Caster. That was the most famous one. Cynthia Plaster Caster, who used to cast the cocks of the famous guys she slept with. She used to cast them in plaster and she had this collection. You heard about her?

I am familiar with her work, yes. But do plaster cast cocks count as reviews?

Well …

I guess in a way. They seemed more like homages.

Fair enough. My point is, you could easily Google your name and find some rather intimate accounts of your sexual technique. Have you ever done that?

No. No.

You’ve never read the reviews? They’re quite kind.

I wasn’t aware of that, but you just made my day.

Here’s my favorite line, if you don’t mind me sharing it. “His sucking abilities during oral sex are said to be like an anteater’s.”


I guess that’s a compliment, right? I mean, do you take it as a compliment? Was anteater the sexual metaphor you were going for?

I don’t know. I wouldn’t … I don’t think I could comment on it. It’s a strange, a very strange line.

Sadly, the interviewer did not ask Taylor about Simon LeBon’s alleged curved penis.
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