Future Contributes A Coldhearted Verse To DVSN’s New Single, ‘No Cryin’

Trap crooner Future may have asked listeners to Save Me earlier this year with the release of his R&B-flavored, seven-song EP, but on his latest feature, his attitude switches up. “No Cryin’,” the new single from the Toronto-based, Drake-signed R&B duo DVSN, features Future in full petty mode, lamenting that he’s given a paramour “too many chances,” as singer Daniel Daley reminds his own romantic interest that “you can do better” and that there’s “no cryin’ in the club.”

Daley borrows a much more rapper-y delivery on his own verse, adopting some of Future’s mannerisms and penchant for filtering his vocals rather than employing his own impressive vocal range. Daley and Future open the track with some back-and-forth flows reminiscent of old-school hip-hop despite their singing, and Future contributes a typically coldhearted rap verse as well, admonishing that there’s “no crying in my Phantom, don’t get no tears on my seat / Girl, you know I ain’t got no love for you, no mercy on a freak.”

The song’s a departure from DVSN’s more recent, romantic fare like their last two singles, “In Between” and “Miss Me?” It’s a sign of the group’s evolution since their classic debut, Sept. 5th, as they bide time until their follow-up to The Morning After.

DVSN is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music group.

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