Earl Sweatshirt Thinks J. Cole’s ‘Snow On Tha Bluff’ Is ‘Corny’

There has been a wide variety of reactions to J. Cole’s surprise new song “Snow On Tha Bluff” since he dropped it last night. Now Earl Sweatshirt has weighed in on the Noname-referencing track, and he’s not the biggest fan.

He tweeted of the song today, “multiple truths baby lets go this aint even complicated.” He followed that with, “lol before i get grouped in to anything let me state that first truth of many is that the sh*t was just corny.. it would b like on one of the nights following big floyds death if a white rapper (one that ppl like) made a ‘im uneducated on ur plight’ track it just taste bad lol.”

Responding to somebody who wrote, “homeboy did not have to let that verse out of the drafts,” Sweatshirt tweeted, “naw frrrrrrrr my whole thing (and this all imma say) is: mfs are reachable through mediums other than song lololllll shoot me a fax or something ill page u.”

Another user asked why Sweatshirt is against Cole releasing the song, and he answered, “it depends on what u want. if u want a bunch of clicks and likes on ya song then ya make a song. if u want to do what u said u wanted to do on the song (which is learn) bang my line. but, i guess the song way is messier but its more honest. and its got everybody talking.”

He continued, “what if yall are mad at yourselves that you look to cole for more than he has to give? bro just laid his cards down on the table ‘i went to college, i dont know stuff’ and hes alot of n****s elected representative.” A user replied to that tweet, suggesting that the situation is “also about the blatant disrespect of a Black woman,” to which Sweatshirt answered, “right. tone policing [Black women] at quite possibly the worst time possible in the past 4 months.”

Find Sweatshirt’s tweets about the Cole/Noname situation below.