El-P Has Announced A Winner In His ‘Pokémon Rap’ Remix Contest

El-P was 21 years old when the first Pokémon game was released in the United States, so we should be able to forgive him for not feeling the Pokémon Go hype. But this is the internet — where understanding is weakness and compromise is death — so El-P was forced to backtrack on his Poké-hate. El claims he caught more heat for his anti-Pokémon stance than he did from Donald Trump supporters after he accused the presidential candidate of incest, so he issued joke-y apology and offered up a remix contest as a mea culpa. The Run The Jewels member announced the winner of that contest today: Edinburgh producer Kip Cozy.

For his “generally capable” efforts, Kip got a hoodie and a T-shirt. Give it a listen up top, and check out El-P’s tongue-in-cheek announcement below where he expresses how much he loves the “Pokeman” community which he is “clearly a part of.”

We’re not going to address the fact that El-P was right and plenty of people have gotten themselves hurt while playing the Pokémon. And if he wants to put this whole thing behind him, we suggest this Chrome extension that blocks all mentions of the incredibly popular game.