El-P Says ‘Run The Jewels 4’ Will Probably Be Out ‘Earlyish Next Year,’ And It’s ‘Hard As F*ck’

Earlier this month, El-P deleted all of his tweets, which in music culture, has come to be taken as a sign that some sort of new material is on the way. He quickly debunked that theory, though, by taking the mystery out of his actions: After clearing his tweets, he shared a photo of a grumpy-looking cat and wrote, “timeline was getting too cluttered. decided to start fresh with nothing but the following picture of this animal who i suspect i am becoming.”

However, El-P just used Twitter to give an actual update on new material from Run The Jewels, and it looks like he and Killer Mike’s upcoming album, Run The Jewels 4, could be released at some point in the first half of 2020.

A fan on Twitter asked El-P for a progress report on Run The Jewels 4, and El-P offered a pretty satisfying response, writing, “very far along but not mixed/done yet plus gotta clear samples and sh*t so prolly out earlyish next year realistically. the good news is it’s hard as f*ck.”

Run The Jewels fans recently got some new material from the duo, as they featured on Danny Brown’s “3 Tearz,” from his new album, U Know What I’m Sayin.

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