El-P Hopes He Doesn’t Have To Delay ‘Run The Jewels 4’ Because Of The Coronavirus

As the coronavirus becomes a greater and greater international concern, the music industry has responded in a number of ways. Artists have canceled tours and performances, festivals have changed their plans too, and it may even be throwing a wrench in artists releasing new music, as Cardi B suggested. El-P has addressed the situation as it relates to the upcoming Run The Jewels 4 album, and he said that despite everything going on, Run The Jewels really doesn’t want to push back the album’s release.

A fan on Twitter asked if Run The Jewels will be performing at the rescheduled Coachella dates, and El-P confirmed, “hell yes we are.” Another fan then noted, “You said the album would be out before Coachella, now you can make us wait another 6 months if you want.” To that, El-P responded, “well yes sh*t is weird right now but we are sitting on an A bomb and we really don’t wanna wait much longer than originally intended to drop it despite how crazy sh*t is. that said you’ll know when we do.”

El-P teased the album in a recent interview, saying it includes some “guest appearances that you wouldn’t necessarily expect,” and that it’s “the hardest sh*t we’ve ever done — front to back, punch in the face. Absolute mayhem from the moment it starts.”

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