Eminem Sends Shots At Iggy Azalea And ‘Milli Vanilli Hip-Hop’ On Griselda Record’s ‘Bang’ Remix

Local label Griselda Records, based in Buffalo, New York, got a big look this year when they announced a joint release with Eminem’s Shady Records, and WWCD was released this past Friday. Griselda Records is composed of rappers Conway The Machine, Benny The Butcher and Westside Gunn, and harkens back to the boom-bap, classic era of early New York.

They’ve amassed plenty of fans looking for that underground, throwback sound, but co-releasing a project with Shady Records will definitely put them on the map in an even bigger way. The thirteen-track album includes guests like Raekwon, 50 Cent, and Eminem himself. And despite these massive names, production for the whole project was co-produced by Griselda’s own producer, Daringer, and UK producer Beat Butcha.

And while the record is solid through and through, the Eminem feature is, as usual, particularly of note. On the fiery last verse of the last track on the album, the “Bang” remix, Em addresses his status in hip-hop and speaks, once again, to the other white rappers he doesn’t want to be affiliated with: “Do not compare me to that Iggy b*tch / Or all this f*ckin’ Milli Vanilli hip-hop / This is where all that silly sh*t stops / Compare me to the pistol that triggered this thought / The semi, the Glock, 9 millis get cocked, I’m sending a shot.”

Who does he want to be compared to instead? Meek Mill, for one: “Compare me to Meek, big wheelies get popped,” he offers instead. Hear the whole thing below.