A Majority Of Epidemiologists Surveyed Say They Won’t Attend Concerts For Another Year

The coronavirus has aimed a ubiquitous blow to the music industry, with many venues saying they are the first to close and last to open. Nearly every music festival and major tour have been either canceled or postponed in order to ensure the safety of patrons, and some artists are toying with the idea of holding drive-in concerts. One LA design company even created a quasi-hazmat suit to allow music lovers to attend a show, and even vape, without contracting the coronavirus. But a new poll of epidemiologists around the country points to a harsh reality for music lovers, revealing they may have to wait longer than anticipated to return to venues.

A recent study conducted by The New York Times surveyed 511 epidemiologists from around the country. The poll asked professionals to gauge how comfortable they are with doing things like taking an airplane, attending a church service, exercising at a gym, or going to a concert. The survey found that a large majority of epidemiologists — 64 percent, to be exact — plan on waiting more than a year before attending sporting events, plays, and live concerts.

After sending in their responses, some explained their reasoning. “These are some of the highest-risk activities and probably attract more risk-embracing people,” said Vivian Towe, an epidemiologist at Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute. “The addition of alcohol or drugs makes these activities too risky for me to consider anytime soon.”

Joseph Wagner, an epidemiologist at US Air Force School Of Aerospace Medicine, echoed Towe’s statement: “To me, this is a luxury and I can wait a long time until people can safely come together to enjoy it. That said, I can and will continue to support arts programs as if I was attending with donations.”

Many of the participants in the poll said their responses could change with the availability of a vaccine. Time will tell how much longer music lovers must wait before once again attending concerts and festivals.

Find the full results of the survey here.

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