Everyone Stop And Watch This Music Video Starring Cee Lo And The Muppets

Honorary Muppet Cee Lo Green has quite the history with his not-quite-mop, not-quite-puppet friends, dating back to his 2011 Grammys performance where he dressed up as a flamboyant peacock. But he’s outdone himself with their newest collaboration, singing “All I Need Is Love” from his Christmas-themed album Cee Lo’s Magic Moment with Fozzie Bear & Co. Also, Cee Lo apparently drives around in the snowy winter in a Rolls Royce and Kermit calls Atlanta “Hotlanta.” Big Nelly or Allman Brothers fan, that one.

Be sure to watch the video long enough to see who guest stars as Santa. That’s when things go mach five.


(Via Pitchfork)