A Home That Fetty Wap Rented Needs Nearly $200,000 Worth Of Renovations Because Of Marijuana

Fetty Wap, despite staying relatively quiet on the music front the last four years — sans his Bruce Wayne project in 2018 — still manages to stay in the spotlight — for the wrong reasons, most notably within the last two months.

Last month, Wap was arrested in Las Vegas for allegedly punching hotel employees and this month, according to The Blast, Wap is in a legal battle with the landlord of his rental home over nearly $200,000 worth of renovations deemed “necessary.” It reportedly got bad because of the smell of marijuana, and that smell of marijuana eventually pervaded the paint on the walls, which explains the hefty renovation bill. Essentially, the entire household (and its walls) will have to be renovated.

The Blast reports that the rental home landlord is using BXD Construction for the renovations and that a re-coast of the house’s interior ran the landlord nearly $15,000 alone. In addition, the wood floors being re-done cost $33,540. The rental home is located in Hollywood Hills and Wap rented the property for $35,000 a month. Wap’s ongoing lawsuit is ultimately for $170,964 in damages to the rental home.

In addition to his two legal mishaps last two months, Wap was arrested for drunk drag racing on a suspended license in 2017.

Check out our interview in 2018 with Wap here.

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