A Former Foo Fighters Guitarist Isn’t Happy With The Way Things Ended

Did you know there was a former member of Foo Fighters named Franz Stahl? No? Well, let me give you a lesson on him. Stahl briefly played in Foo Fighters from 1997 to 1999, taking over guitar when Pat Smear quit, and describing the two-year stint with Foo Fighters in the Back and Forth documentary as “the best time of his life” (you can see some of Stahl’s first performance with the band – complete with an odd introduction by Smear, who announces his departure – in the video above). Stahl’s short run with the Foos ended suddenly in 1999 via conference call with the band, and it seems like he still hasn’t gotten over the way things ended.

Now, the former guitarist says in an upcoming Foo Fighters biography, Learning to Fly, that “there’s never been any sort of closure on any of it, and we’re going on 20 years now.” Foo Fighters wasn’t the first band Stahl and Grohl were in together; the two first met when Grohl joined the hardcore band Scream, before joining Nirvana in 1990.

With all the special guests Grohl has been bringing up onstage during the band’s tour, it’s surprising we haven’t seen a reunion with Stahl yet. Hell, Dave even brought out the guy who beat him in his high school’s battle of the bands competition.

(via Spin)