Frank Ocean's Mom Has His Back


It’s probably no surprise that breaking the news to one’s parents is one of the toughest things a non-heterosexual person has to deal with when coming out of the closet. Frank Ocean, who declared his independence yesterday by telling the world about a love affair he had with another man, appears to be one of the lucky ones in that he’s obviously been blessed with a loving, accepting mother.

Yes, Ocean’s mom Katonya Breaux Riley took to Twitter yesterday to voice her unwavering support and admiration for her son.

AWWWW. And here I thought that I couldn’t possibly feel any warmer and fuzzier about Frank Ocean’s coming out.

Side note: after her name struck me as vaguely familiar, I did some digging around and it appears as though Katonya Breaux Riley is married to former New Orleans Police Chief Warren Riley, which means that Frank Ocean’s stepdad is the controversial, much-criticized guy in the infamous photo below with former NOLA Mayor Ray Nagin…

Mind. Blown.

(Top pic via Katonya Breaux Riley’s Twitter. HT: Color Lines)

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