Fred Durst Says It Was Hard To Watch Bullies ‘Embrace’ Limp Bizkit

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The boys of Limp Bizkit have hit a point in their careers where only the most loyal fans have stuck around to see what the band’s cooking up next. As it turns out, that loyal fan base is large enough to still sell out some venues (though not all). However, there was once a time when, according to Fred Durst himself on an interview for KTLA, the wrong people were embracing the band’s sound.

From LoudWire:

“I felt like standing up for myself and what I’d gone through. So, it was sort of a revenge against the bullies. But the irony was, the sound was so ferocious that bullies themselves would embrace Limp Bizkit. So, it was uneasy for us to see the people we really hated participating and being fans of the music, alongside the people we were sort of fighting for and standing up for. Over time, you’ve got to let it go and let art be what it’s going to be.”

The simple truth is many Limp Bizkit songs can be interpreted multiple ways that work both for and against bullies. While the message the band may have been trying to get across is one meant to tell bullied youth to stand up for themselves, there are times where that could understandably get lost in the aggressiveness of the music and lyrics themselves.

Source: LoudWire

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