Future’s Security Had To Tackle A Stage Crasher During His Show In Nigeria

West Africa seems to be the new hip-hop hotspot as Afrobeats grows in popularity and more and more American rappers have begun to make touring inroads in Nigeria and Ghana. The latest big-name performer to rock the continent is Future, who got a little more attention than he may have bargained for when he headlined at EKO Convention Center in Lagos, Nigeria this weekend.

As you can see in the clip above, Future’s set is clearly in full swing having reached the shirtless performance part of the set, when a man who is clearly not supposed to be onstage approaches the rapper. Future wards off the interloper’s advance momentarily before the man is tackled by security and shoved off the stage. Future himself seems more or less unfazed in another video, taking a moment to compose himself before recovering with a super hype rendition of “Mask Off” alongside his two backup dancers.

Future isn’t the only performer who’s had to deal with fans getting out of pocket. Just last month, Drake was booed off stage at Camp Flog Gnaw after disappointed fans responded poorly to his mystery headliner set, and Ariana Grande was nearly beaned with a lemon thrown by a fan in the crowd at her April Coachella set. Here’s hoping bad fan behavior at shows is one of the things that gets left in 2019 when the ball drops.