Comedian Gary Owen Trolls Tekashi69 By Dressing Up As Him For An Absurd ‘Breakfast Club’ Interview

Tekashi69’s recent interview on The Breakfast Club was a viral hit, thanks to the colorful rapper’s eerily nihilistic perspective and the back-and-forth trolling between Tekashi and show host Charlamagne Tha God. However, while fans were dumbfounded, flabbergasted, or annoyed by the abrasive young rapper’s demeanor and interview answers, at least one person found it all so funny he decided to recreate it as a masterful troll of Tekashi, the show, and the culture that finds itself inescapably fascinated with characters it loves to hate.

When comedian Gary Owen stopped by the show for an interview this morning, he did so in full Tekashi69 regalia, complete with rainbow-colored wig and temporary “69” tattoos all over his face and arms. The hosts ask him the same questions they asked Tekashi for the first interview, right down to Angela Yee admonishing him to spit out his gum.

Of course, Owen’s in-character answers take the inherent absurdity of Tekashi’s original claims and turns it up to eleven, poking holes in the rapper’s outsized, devil-may-care exterior to find the levity in his disturbing, possibly put-on-for-likes attitude. He trolls 69’s Blood affiliation by comparing Blood gangs to blood types and claims he doesn’t have beef with anyone because he’s gone vegan.

It’s a silly take on a strange subject, proving more than anything that Tekashi may have just become a permanent fixture in pop culture — if not for his music, then for the endless well of meme-able material his strange personality provides.