YG Continues To Threaten Tekashi69 For His Supposedly Fake Gang Affiliations: ‘F*ck Six Nine’

Rainbow-haired “Gummo” rapper Tekashi69 may have a hit on the radio and a growing following both online and in the real world, but he’s also got a rapidly expanding list of foes itching to catch him slipping out in public. He’s already been run up on by a Los Angeles Crip set and threatened by another in Texas, but now his antagonists include a number of rappers who rock the same color flag as Tekashi and feel his representation is disrespectful.

Compton rapper The Game already went in on Instagram, calling out Tekashi’s apparent trend-hopping and disloyalty while Tekashi spent the weekend trolling him back, but now fellow Hub City MC YG has joined in. YG posted a video to Instagram with a relatively straightforward message concerning the controversial New York rapper: “On Bompton, f*ck Six Nine!”

For his part, Tekashi made like fellow Soundcloud-bred hell-raiser Lil Xan and posted a comment calling YG “big mad” to reflect his disdain and disconcern with the Compton rapper’s threats. YG recently released the music video for his Stay Dangerous single “Suu Whoop,” where he mentions “pink-haired Blood sh*t” in a thinly-veiled reference to the younger rapper, who has appeared in his own videos with alleged members of New York Bloods sets.


While the reason for the older rappers’ disdain appears to stem from some of Tekashi’s more unsavory activities, including his conviction for use of a minor in a sexual performance for posing suggestively with a younger girl when he was a teen, at some point, his baiting will have more potential for harm than good. All the attention might be making Tekashi infamous, but eventually, he’s going to have to focus on the music over the beef or the consequences could be disastrous — even if only for his career.

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