Saddles Blazin’: The Silliest Uses of Ginuwine’s Infectious (And Dirty) Hit ‘Pony’

and 10.15.15 4 years ago

The world was a different place in 1996. The Spice Girls were fresh on the scene, Bill Clinton was still in office, there was only one Mission: Impossible movie and Amanda Bynes was still that cute little Nickelodeon kid in pigtails. Things that haven’t changed? “Pony,” Ginuwine’s musical debut, is still a popular song.

The singer did go on to have several other hits (“Differences,” “In Those Jeans”), but “Pony” is still, undoubtedly, his best.

While the dirty ditty obviously has lasting power because its message hasn’t altered (the tune has more than 31 million plays on Spotify alone), it’s likely that pop culture’s continued use of the track has aided the ongoing success of “Pony.”

With that said, we present the most chuckle-inducing recent uses and covers of the ’90s hit.

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