Girlpool’s ‘Minute In Your Mind’ Video Is A Gloomy And Surreal Burst Of Color

Following up the release of their third album, What Chaos Is Imaginary, earlier this year, today Girlpool have shared a new video for the short but sweet track, “Minute In Your Mind.” Directed by Amalia Irons, the video accompanying the song is gloomy and foggy, with deep blues and purples taking over most of the clip, before fading into close ups of surrounding greenery. Another male character lifts weights, jumps rope, and otherwise sways and dances with headphones on, presumably he’s also listening to the song the audience is hearing.

Cleo Tucker does most of the singing into the camera for the clip, while mostly submerged in water, though he’s joined toward the end by Girlpool’s other member, Harmony Tividad, for a section of duetting vocals. The whole video is short and succinct, only lasting for two and a half minutes — but the impact is enough to leave a lasting sense of the surreal. At one point, Tucker emerges to offer something to the male character in the clip, then disappears as quickly as he’s come, lending an air of the mysterious.

Check out the video above, and if you’re in Europe this summer, catch Girlpool while they finish up a tour behind this new record, which is a real departure from their earlier sound. Tour dates can be found here.