GloRilla Addresses Her Viral NSFW Nip Slip Video With A Rather Perky Response To Users Online

Since finding viral success with her 2022 track “F.N.F. (Let’s Go),” GloRilla has become quite comfortable in the limelight. But, there’s one thing she’s still settling into—her brand new breast implants.

In fact, GloRilla accidentally flashed her four million followers online during an Instagram livestream. Immediately, fans began to clip the moment, reposting it across the social media platform. Although the “Yeah Glo!” rapper isn’t ashamed of her innocent peep show, supporters have begun to flood her comments with remarks about the moment. So, on March 2, GloRilla addressed it with a rather perky response on another broadcast.

“Let me tell ya somethin’,” she said. “Stop acting like y’all are so muthaf*ckin’ amazed by a nipple. Baby, ain’t it sh*t but a nipple. Calm down. Please calm down.”

GloRilla didn’t stop there. She went on to scold her followers for screen-recording the moment. “I don’t know, I’m not going to do sh*t in the background f*cking around with y’all,” she said. “Baby, y’all see everything. Y’all gonna record that sh*t. Y’all don’t play them type of games.”

In December 2023, GloRilla shared the news of her body modification on Instagram. “I just bought some new titties,” she said. “Y’all like my new titties? I’m on my bullsh*t, I just bought some new titties. I ain’t with that overboard sh*t. These are just a little fill-in. Just filled them in.”

Since then, GloRilla has kept supporters updated on her recovery process.