Did GloRilla Get Breast Implants?

Latto, SZA, and several other musicians have shared how beauty standards have affected their self-esteem. This pressure eventually led them to undergo different cosmetic procedures. However, others, like Cardi B, maintain that any time she’s undergone plastic surgery, it was as a special treat. Another musician is saying something similar.

During an Instagram livestream on December 1, GloRilla revealed that she, too, made a slight modification to her frame. This led fans to ask, did GloRilla get breast implants? Based on what she shared in the broadcast, it seems like yes.

“I just bought some new titties,” GloRilla said. “Y’all like my new titties? I’m on my bullsh*t, I just bought some new titties. I ain’t with that overboard sh*t. These are just a little fill-in. Just filled them in. I just got them done so my man can grip on.”

GloRilla confessed to having had breast enhancement surgery, but the nature of the procedure was not revealed. To be fair, given the advancement in plastic surgery, GloRilla could’ve gotten some sort of filler to pump up her breast rather than a saline or silicone implant.

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