Green Day Played The Entire Dookie Album Last Night At The Brixton Academy In London

It’s been almost a year since Green Day last made real, honest-to-gosh Internet headlines for Billie Joe Armstrong’s so-called meltdown at a concert in Las Vegas, where the band’s set was cut short because some of the other pop acts had performed too long. Soon after that whole mess, Armstrong checked into rehab and, yadda yadda yadda, last night the band played to a packed crowd at London’s Brixton Academy. I know, I’m a succinct kind of guy.

According to MTV UK, the band played for approximately two hours as fans went crazy from pre-show (another rendition of “Bohemian Rhapsody”) to start to finish. It’s not hard to understand why everyone was so hyped, because nine songs into the show, Armstrong announced that the band’s third album, Dookie, will be celebrating its 20th birthday next year, so he, Tre Cool and Mike Dirnt wanted to celebrate last night by playing the entire album.

Normally, this would be one of those classic, “Oy, you had to be there, bloke” moments, but thanks to one concertgoer, the entire Dookie segment of the show is on YouTube (for now) and the quality is fantastic. Set your time machines to 1993 and let your goosebumps do the rest.

All that’s missing, as a lot of YouTube commenters pointed out, was Dookie’s hidden track, “All By Myself,” which I’ll just assume started playing unexpectedly about a minute and seven seconds after the band finished playing “F.O.D.”

(H/T to DAPS)