Gucci Mane Reveals The Release Date And Title Of His Next Album, Saying He Has A ‘New Situaton’

A few weeks ago, Atlanta trap rap pioneer Gucci Mane appeared to be disgruntled with his soon-to-be former label, Atlantic Records, accusing someone at the label of being racist and venting that all artists should go on strike until they receive more favorable record deals. Since then, he’s been using his Twitter to wonder aloud (so to speak) about possibly going independent and feeling as though people wanted to censor him. Yesterday, he promised to reveal his decision on the release date of his new album, So Icy Summer, which he set for July 3.

Early this morning, Gucci again logged in to ask fans whether he should renew with contract with Atlantic, although the question seemed more rhetorical when he tweeted it. “Should I renew contract with @Atlantic records or go independent?” he queried, promising a “big press conference July 3rd” and asking “who should do interviews???”

Gucci has been associated with Atlantic Records since 2016, beginning with the studio album Everybody Looking and including 10 projects in that time for an impressive clip of around two projects a year for the last four years. While he never did reveal what his disagreement with Atlantic Records was over, no one can say that the partnership hasn’t been productive. However, as one of the more prolific and successful independent artists in hip-hop, Gucci likely knows he can do it on his own should need be.

Whatever the case, we’ll all find out when So Icy Summer drops on 7/3.

Gucci Mane is a Warner Music artist. .