Hook Gives A Bubbly Performance Of ‘Take You Home’ For ‘UPROXX Sessions’

Riverside, California rapper Hook has an unconventional flow and a quirky ear for beats. As she puts it on her new song “Take You Home,” “I’m a rapper but I don’t have to rhyme,” furthering her boast by claiming “I could literally get on a track / Whisper, yell — it’s still a hit.” Borrowing a sample of Lisa Lisa’s 1984 hit “I Wonder If I Take You Home,” she does a lot more than that, reeling off a relentless stream of stinging punchlines with an ear-to-ear grin the whole time.

Hook has been prolific in her relatively short time producing and releasing music, counting no less than six projects since 2019 on her Genius profile, including three in 2020 (Crashed My Car, Pretty Bitty: The Mixtape, and I Love You 2, Hook). While she might not be a household name — yet — she’s got the reckless, devil-may-care attitude that has propelled many a rule-breaking rebel to meme-making stardom and she’s racked up an impressive list of co-signers among the left-of-center collection of rappers that includes Father and Zack Fox.

She’s every bit as scathingly funny as they are and she’s offering up something new and different, which can be a help or a hindrance, depending on what you’re looking for. Either way, she’s working with a recipe that will grab eyeballs and attention, which is half the battle these days anyway.

Watch Hook’s bubbly UPROXX Sessions performance above.

UPROXX Sessions is Uproxx’s performance show featuring the hottest up-and-coming acts you should keep an eye on. Featuring creative direction from LA promotion collective, Ham On Everything, and taking place on our “bathroom” set designed and painted by Julian Gross, UPROXX Sessions is a showcase of some of our favorite performers, who just might soon be yours, too..