Ice Cube Launched A Cannabis Brand Based On His Iconic 1995 Film ‘Friday’

It’s been nearly 26 years since Ice Cube starred in the iconic F. Gary Gray-directed film Friday. To this day, the cult classic still holds a number of memorable one liners, most notably Ice Cube’s now memeified quote, “Bye Felicia.” Now, Ice Cube is bringing the film into the modern era with a new brand of cannabis products inspired by Friday.

Ice Cube took to social media to announce the availability of his cannabis line, aptly named Fryday Kush. Made in partnership with Caviar Gold cannabis company, the Fryday Kush products are for sale in Arizona, California, Nevada, and Oklahoma only. According to Ice Cube, his strain is 46.2 percent THC and 10.78 percent CBD.

The rapper’s bud comes in glossy packaging printed with his face on the front. Caviar Gold describes Fryday Kush products on their website as incredibly potent: “From the man that needs no introduction, these infused cones and high potency buds are the strongest nugs on the market, personally developed by Ice Cube.”

Ice Cube isn’t the only mid-90s film star who has broken into the cannabis industry with Caviar Gold. Kevin Smith, filmmaker and star of the 1994 Clerks, welcomed Ice Cube to the Caviar Gold family in a post on social media.

Check out Ice Cube’s new endeavor above.