Did Ice Spice Sign To Nicki Minaj’s New Label, ‘Heavy On It?’

Record label stuff can be confusing for music fans. In addition to the complex web of company organization charts and subsidiaries, artists themselves make things even more confusing thanks to their naming labels after rap crews and street families, trading chains amongst themselves, and generally making it seem like everybody is signed to everybody else.

Case in point: rap fans have been speculating that buzzing Bronx rapper Ice Spice has signed to Nicki Minaj‘s new label after the two collaborated on the remix of the former’s “Princess Diana” this week. On DSPs, the distributor for the track is listed as 10K Projects (Ice Spice’s label, which is also home to Trippie Redd, Aitch, Jeleel, and Iann Dior) and Heavy On It, which is the name of Nicki’s new endeavor, further feeding the speculation online.

However, it seems unlikely that Ice Spice would end her current record deal — which comes with the backing of Virgin Music Group, a subsidiary of Universal — less than a year after signing it. Nor would it make good business sense to further dilute her shares of her own music by adding another name to the pot — although other artists have had multiple concurrent deals, usually they had them before signing to one with major backing.

So, no, Ice Spice probably isn’t signed to Heavy On It. Nicki’s new label’s name was only added to the track to ensure she gets her share of profits from the streams/sales thereof, not to suggest a new affiliation for the new “rap princess.”

The “Princess Diana” remix is out now via 10K Projects and Heavy On It.