Is Kanye West Involved In The Netflix Documentary ‘Jeen-Yuhs’?

The demand for more Kanye content seems to be a self-generating beast. But one of the latest projects is a Netflix documentary called Jeen-Yuhs that takes a look at exactly what goes on behind the scenes with this hip-hop star. The documentary was first announced in September of last year, and since then, Kanye himself has had a lot to say about the creative film project that seeks to portray some of the biggest moments and pivotal releases in his expansive career. Although Kanye isn’t creatively involved with the project himself, in true Ye form, he’s been very vocal with his own opinions about what should go down in the visual feature. All the headlines have lead so many people to wonder, will the creators give him a say?

Is Kanye West Involved In The Netflix Documentary Jeen-Yuhs?
From the start, the documentary has been a Netflix produced project about Kanye, not by him. It is directed by the duo, Clarence Simmons and Chike Ozah, aka Coodie & Chike, who have been working on it for close to twenty years. Though plenty of incredibly famous and powerful stars end up in control of their own film projects — Michael Jordan’s The Last Dance being a perfect recent example — so far, Kanye has not been given creative control in this visual. At least, not that the creative team involved have let on.

In a recent interview with The New York Times about the three-episode project, Coodie spoke on just that. “He said, ‘Let’s me and you do it,’ and I told him, ‘You have to trust me on this,'” Coodie told The Times. “Meaning no creative control. I said, ‘It would not be authentic if you have it.’ He got all of that. And that was it.” That doesn’t mean Ye hasn’t floated plenty of ideas out into the ether anyway. His latest idea? That Drake should narrate the whole project. He’s also said before that he’s going to demand a final edit over the film. That’s probably going over about as well as the truckload of roses he sent to his estranged ex-wife, Kim Kardashian, on Valentine’s Day this year.