‘The Last Dance’ — ESPN’s Celebrated Docuseries On Michael Jordan — Is Now Streaming On Netflix

One of the bright spots in the world of sports over the past few months was the five weeks that we had The Last Dance in our lives, ESPN’s documentary on Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls. There were legitimate questions to be asked about the journalistic integrity of the documentary, given Jordan’s involvement in the production — with some like Horace Grant taking issue with his and others portrayal in it.

Still, for its faults, it was highly entertaining to watch and brought basketball fans together for five Sundays at a time when there were no live sports to otherwise take in. Since airing, the doc has lived on ESPN+ in the United States, with Netflix co-producing and owning international rights from the beginning. Now, the massive Netflix audience here stateside will have a chance to watch the 10-part documentary as the streaming giant announced on Sunday morning that the series is now available on their U.S. platform.

The documentary initially shattered ESPN records for viewership of original, documentary programming, but now it will have a vastly wider audience that can dive in and take that trip down memory road — or learn a lot of these stories for the first time — with Jordan as the leading voice. For those that already watched, but may not have an ESPN+ account, it’s a chance to rewatch some of your favorite episodes — maybe dial up Jordan gambling on pitching quarters with security guards or the Bulls-Pistons rivalry episode.