Janelle Monáe Reckons She’s A Better Actor, Singer, And Dancer Than Fellow Triple Threat Donald Glover

Back in 2019, Janelle Monáe and Childish Gambino (aka Donald Glover) were both Coachella headliners. This fact was brought up during a recent lie detector test video from Vanity Fair, in which Monáe measured herself favorably against Glover.

In the video, Monáe was hooked up to the machine while Glass Onion co-star Kate Hudson asked questions. Hudson showed a photo of Glover, mentioned Coachella, and asked if Monáe has a problem with sharing the spotlight, to which Monáe said she doesn’t. Hudson then pointed out that Monáe and Glover are both multi-talented triple threats before asking Monáe if she thinks she’s the better “actress/singer/dancer” of the two. Monáe sighed and answered, “You know what, Childish? I love you, but I think yes. I mean, should I lie?”

Elsewhere during the interrogation, Hudson asked Monáe if she’s more “extra” than some celebrities. One of them was Lady Gaga and Monáe said, “I love her. I think… I actually don’t know. I actually don’t know, because I feel like when we started in the industry, kind of like close together, I was doing my version of extra and she was doing her version of extra. And I haven’t given up on my extra and I don’t think she’s given up on hers.”

Check out the full video above.