Jay Electronica’s ‘Album Done’ Announcement Was Met With Skepticism By Long-Suffering Fans

Jay Electronica first reported the completion of his debut(!) album way back in 2011. It never materialized, and fans eventually gave up hope of ever hearing a full-length release from the mysterious New Orleans rapper as he seemingly moved on to other endeavors. So when he popped up on Twitter again for the first time after deleting all his previous tweets (again) to tell the world “album done,” his announcement wasn’t met with as much excitement as he was perhaps expecting. Instead, fans took the opportunity to roast him for constantly pump-faking about the album for nearly a decade when even Dr. Dre eventually gave up on Detox.

Jay gave further details about the album as well. He noted that it was “Recorded over 40 days and 40 nights, starting from Dec 26,” and that he would be releasing it in “40 days.” He also cryptically added, “A Written Testimony,” which could be a title, or just more mysticism from the fan of esoteric wisdom and theology.

For what it’s worth, though, Jay’s longtime production partner Just Blaze chimed in with a retweet quoting the 2006 Christian Bale period thriller The Prestige, which avid Jay Electronica fans will remember was the titling gimmick for the original debut album. Roc Nation engineer Young Guru also popped up to affirm that the “album done” tweet was “Facts!!!!” and indeed “not a drill.” Finally, some astute fans happened to notice that the usually Twitter averse Jay-Z, who signed Jay Electronica to Roc Nation a decade ago, seemed to have logged back into his account to like Elec’s last handful of tweets.

All of which could add up to the moment we’ve all been waiting (and waiting… and waiting…) for, but fans seem to remain skeptical. Check out more tweets showing the muted enthusiasm for Jay Electonica’s long-awaited debut below.