Jay Electronica Has Finally Released His Debut Album, 13 Years After His First Mixtape

In the summer of 2007, Jay Electronica released his first mixtape, Act I: Eternal Sunshine (The Pledge). The title suggested that the release was part of a series and that more music would be on the way. For years, though, Electronica said the tape’s follow-up would be coming, but it got delayed over and over again.

In a 2017 interview, Electronica addressed his then-theoretical debut album, saying, “When it’s something that I’m pleased with because regardless of the six billion people on planet Earth, even if I put something out and the whole six billion say it’s absolutely beautiful and I don’t feel okay with it, I’m the one that carries that. I have to be at a place where I’m pleased with the offering. So, it will come — it’s coming soon. Slowly but surely.”

So, when Electronica announced his debut album, A Written Testimony, last weekend, fans were skeptical. This time, though, there were no more delays. Electronica said his album would be released today (March 13), and sure enough, after just under 13 years of waiting, Electronica’s debut record is finally here.

After a decade-plus, Electronica has at last surfaced with a 10-track, 39-minute album. The only credited features come via Travis Scott and The-Dream, but it also includes contributions from Jay-Z, James Blake, and Khruangbin.

Listen to A Written Testimony above, and check out the art and tracklist below.

Roc Nation

1. “The Overwhelming Event”
2. “Ghost Of Soulja Slim”
3. “The Blinding” Feat. Travis Scott
4. “The Neverending Story”
5. “Shiny Suit Theory” Feat. The-Dream
6. “Universal Soldier”
7. “Flux Capacitor”
8. “Fruits Of The Spirit”
9. “Ezekiel’s Wheel” Feat. The-Dream
10. “A.P.I.D.T.A.”

A Written Testimony is out now via Roc Nation. Get it here.