Jay Rock And J. Cole Suffer Delusions Of Paranoia In The Nerve-Racking ‘OSOM’ Video

Karma comes for us all eventually. That’s the unspoken message of the paranoid and eerie “OSOM” video, the latest single fresh off of Jay Rock’s Redemption album. J. Cole features on the song and in the video as Rock’s reluctant partner-in-crime.

The video perfectly matches the haunting vibe of the song itself, wherein both rappers address the feelings of anxiety and paranoia that accompany an upbringing in the sometimes crime-riddled inner cities where they were raised. In the case of the video’s narrative, they have good reason to be paranoid: The video opens in the aftermath of a robbery the two committed which has left blood on Rock’s hands and legitimate concerns that Cole may have been recognized. The spend the remainder of the video looking over their shoulders for the possibility of a get back from their victims — fears which may turn out to be warranted.

Redemption is Jay Rock’s third album, featuring singles like the Kendrick Lamar-featured “Win,” the Black Panther soundtrack standout “King’s Dead,” and spooky album opener, “Bloodiest.” Rock has been the Top Dawg Entertainment member who played the background for the most part, but after outstanding performances on the label’s Championship Tour and star turns on “King’s Dead” and with Mozzy on “Nobody Knows,” he’s quickly proved that he can stand toe-to-toe with his Compton-bred compatriot.

Redemption is out now via Top Dawg Entertainment and Interscope Records. Get it here.