A Jay-Z Superfan Was Arrested For Trying To Sneak On A Flight To Meet Him

As Stan culture evolves and grows, artists’ superfans are going to greater and greater lengths to get their faves’ attention. While the Barbz still relentlessly hound anyone who speaks ill of Nicki Minaj — or even her collaborators — Eminem, the man who coined the term Stan, had a run-in with a stalker who broke into his house this year. Another Eminem fan got into the Guinness Book Of Records for inking her 16th tattoo of the star’s face on her. And the wrath of the Beyhive knows very few bounds.

However, the latest superfan shenanigans led to the fan being arrested after trying to illegally board a Los Angeles-bound flight to try to meet her hero. According to The New York Post, 23-year-old Yaazmina Payton was stopped from boarding a flight at O’Hare International Airport on Sunday, November 8 after ducking the ropes at the boarding gate for an American Airlines plane headed to LA. She was charged with felony criminal trespassing after failing to produce a boarding pass. On Monday, her counsel at a hearing said that she suffers from PTSD and anxiety disorder and she was released on $500 bail. She’ll have a hard time flying out of O’Hare in the future; she was banned from visiting the airport.

Meanwhile, Jay-Z himself is launching his own cannabis brand, which might help Payton with that anxiety.