Jeezy Says Jay-Z, A Native New Yorker, Has Never Been To Central Park

Rappers have a reputation for telling some pretty big fish tales, but every so often, they’ll share a true story so outrageous that it sounds like a whopper. In a new promo clip for TV One’s Uncensored series shared by Complex, Atlanta rapper Jeezy relates a story from his longtime friend and mentor Jay-Z that falls into the latter category.

As Jeezy describes the impact of his relationship with Jay, he recalls a time that he and the Brooklyn rapper went for a drive through New York. As they passed by Central Park, Jay — a native New Yorker — admitted that he’d never visited the Big Apple landmark. “We was riding by Central Park,” Jeezy remembers. “And he was like, ‘You know what? I’ve been here my whole life and I’ve never been to that place.’ What I took from that is he’s so focused on doing and being what he is that something as peaceful as a park, he never took a minute to go over there and just enjoy that peace of mind. That meant a lot to me because that’s something I strive for.”

Jeezy also describes how Jay-Z has always had his back, even in a fistfight that took place in Las Vegas. “Some things popped off in Vegas, and I gotta say, Hov got hands!” he chuckles. “‘Cause me and him was getting down!”

You can watch the full clip above.