Jeremih Said He’s Concerned About Getting The COVID-19 Vaccine After Almost Dying From The Virus

Jeremih had a near-death experience with the Coronavirus this fall and the R&B star’s family even came forward to let fans know just how serious the condition can be. Jeremih has since left the hospital and seems to be doing well, thanking fans and peers for their outpouring of support while he battled a serious side effect of COVID, multi-system inflammatory syndrome that resulted in his organs becoming inflamed.

But now that he’s out and feeling better, the singer said he has concerns about getting a vaccine, as it basically puts an altered form of the virus back into his system. Right around the 13:53 mark, the interviewer brings up the vaccine and Jeremih responds. “Right now? Uhhh, I’m not sure yet,” he said in an interview with Kendra G of WGCI, his first sit down interview since getting out of the hospital. “Right now, I’m good and I’m still taking shots from the hospital. So I’m good for my shots right now.”

The R&B star said he’s also going to keep his hospital bracelet on as a reminder of what he went through. “I just wanted to remind myself of what I’ve been through and sometimes to just remind myself of my purpose on this earth,” he said. “Because while I was in there, I was unsure if I was still going to be able to walk on this earth. So until I get my talk and my walk back I’m going to keep this on.”

Watch the full interview above.