JID Hopped On Instagram Live To Preview Some New Music For Fans

This November will mark two years since JID released his sophomore album, DiCaprio 2. The album served as the sequel to his 2015 EP and arrived just a year and some change after his debut album The Never Story. Despite going the entirety of 2019 without a solo single or project, JID was anything but quiet that year as he made plenty of noise with his guest appearances on Dreamville’s Revenge Of The Dreamers III. Continuing work on his upcoming album, JID hopped on Instagram Live to give fans a preview of what’s to come.

Enjoying himself in what looks like his home studio, JID didn’t hold back with the previews. Playing a number of songs, one of the tracks featured his quickfire flow over bouncy production as he boastfully flaunted his track record with music saying, “When I miss, it’s a hit out the park.”

Another track found him in a more reflective state putting aside the upbeat production for a more mellow beat. Lastly, a third track he previewed was very dark in its nature as JID detailed some of the hardships of his youth, using a very toned-down voice effect on his voice as he rapped. The track previews got the attention of Dreamville co-founder, Ibrahim “Ib” Hamad, who tweeted, “My n**** @JIDsv just built different with that pen.”

JID previously revealed the struggles of attempting to release a project in the middle of quarantine, citing the inability to “see u guys and celebrate” as a reason why he’s been holding off on any releases. While a release for any of his own work remains unknown, fans can hear him in Amine’s upcoming Limbo.