Jimmy Fallon And Chris Martin Sang An Intimate Version Of David Bowie’s ‘Life On Mars?’

Since David Bowie‘s tragic passing in early 2016, nearly everyone in popular music has shown their love for the icon in some way. Some shared anecdotes or stories they had with the artist, others paid tribute by covering something out of his incredibly extensive songbook. Chris Martin of Coldplay now has the distinction of doing both. In January, he revealed how the Thin White Duke subtly shaded his band by rejecting a chance to work with the britpoppers, but clearly he didn’t take it personally (it turns out Bowie did this with a ton of legendary acts). And now, we see that Martin is paying tribute to the legendary superstar with some help from The Tonight Show‘s Jimmy Fallon.

A superfan of David himself (you’ll remember Fallon’s mashup of Tebowie as evidence), the two stripped down the costuming for an intimate and honestly sweet tribute to Bowie with a cover of one of his most famous songs, “Life on Mars?” from 1971’s Hunky Dory. Fallon does his best impression of the late singer while Chris Martin tinkles away on the keys, and midway through, Captain Kirk from The Roots joins in for some assistance on guitar. It’s a fitting tribute from two guys who, despite a fair amount of hate which often comes their way, manage to charm most everyone regardless.